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archived webinar

Civic Engagement & Collaborative Design: How to Strengthen Public Participation in Your Municipality


A lack of public engagement or inefficient communication in development projects can often lead to contention among communities and local governments, even though municipalities and the public have intersecting interests in creating better places to live. In this webinar, our panelists discussed ideas and practices for fostering greater public engagement, looking at examples relating to urban design and planning initiatives. Our guest speakers challenge the current order of public participation methods, as these methods don't always support an effective exchange of ideas or establish buy-in for residents, developers, and other stakeholders. If you're looking for alternative ways of gathering public input for your next project, while mitigating contention in the participation process, then tune in to this PSD webinar.

Original Air Date : November 17th, 2016 



Fiona Crofton - President, ORCAD Consulting Group Inc.

Chris Pandolfi - Academic Lead, Institute without Boundaries and Principal at the Department of Unusual Certainties

Kari O'Rourke - Community Engagement Consultant, City of Kelowna



  • Mayors/Councillors
  • CAOs/City Managers
  • Communications
  • Planning/Engineering


Webinar package includes

Registrants will receive a copy of the webinar recording,  presentation slides, along with the following supplementary research materials:




Original Air Date : November 17th, 2016