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The Next Wave of Innovation: Enhancing Asset Management with Smart City Data




Session Time: September 12th at 1 PM EDT- 2 PM EDT

As smart city technologies continue to advance urban planning approaches and enhance service delivery, an emerging trend of integrating smart city data with asset management has materialized. Smart city technology has primarily focused on the Internet of Things (IoT) which provides advanced interconnectedness of service delivery as it enables various objects and entities to communicate with each other through the internet. However, the basis of smart city advancement has been the utilization of data generated through sensors and other automated collection methods. A new opportunity has emerged where generated asset attribute data can be used to inform and advance asset management practices within municipalities, thus reducing costs and improving service delivery to citizens. 

This informative webinar will focus on the benefits that can be achieved through breaking down the siloed efforts of asset management advancement and smart city technology adoption and provide examples of how these initiatives can be effectively linked.



  • Doug Hatler, Chief Revenue Officer, Fracta Inc.
  • John Chiappetta, Head of IoT, FoxNet Inc.