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archived webinar

The Future of Municipal Leadership: In Conversation with Ontario City Managers


Original Air Date - April 19th, 2017 1-2pm ET 
Election cycles tend to force short-term thinking upon local governments, but in order to prepare for the significant challenges that lie ahead for our towns and cities, municipal leaders must start thinking long-term. Visionary leadership inspires strategic long-term thinking throughout an organization.
PSD and the Ontario Municipal Administrators' Association (OMAA)  partnered to deliver a virtual round table discussion featuring forward-thinking chief administrative officers from across the province. Four city managers from diverse backgrounds and organizations share their thoughts on the future of local government in Canada, the skills and competencies that municipal leaders will require in the years to come, and steps that leaders can take today to prepare their organizations for future challenges. 


  • Neil Garbe - Town of Richmond Hill
  • Michael Duben, District of Muskoka
  • Tony Haddad, Town of Tecumseh
  • Kelley Coulter, Bruce County