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Synchronizing Infrastructure Asset Data Sets for More Efficient Reporting and Better Decision-making





  September 25, 2019 
*all sessions are offered at 10AM - 11:15AM ET or 1PM - 2:15PM ET

In order to make informed decisions about infrastructure maintenance and investment, government organizations require access to accurate and meaningful asset data. For many organizations in the public sector, asset data is siloed across departments, stored in various inadequate systems, and is recorded in a format that lacks the level of detail required for effective decision-making. 

In this PSD webinar, our expert panelists will discuss the challenges and solutions for synchronizing multiple asset datasets, often owned or maintained by various departments, including finance, public works, and GIS. Without synchronizing datasets, financial reporting may be cumbersome or inaccurate, asset inventories may be incomplete, and ultimately, decisions regarding asset investments and lifecycle activity planning will be made without the support of the most accurate asset data.

This webinar will explore tested and feasible solutions for public sector organizations to synchronize their infrastructure asset datasets, including:

  • Data disaggregation - improving the quality of asset data in your inventory by breaking down assets to the component level, allowing for more detailed and effective condition assessments, risk analysis and lifecycle activity planning. This is particularly important for asset categories like facilities where organizations often aggregate the components of a facility, limiting the ability for detailed component-level asset management    
  • Restating financial data in order to synchronize with asset inventory data, allowing for streamlined and more accurate financial reporting and better infrastructure decision-making
  • Merging multiple asset datasets from across systems and departments to facilitate the creation of a complete asset inventory   


Our expert panel will include municipal representatives that will speak directly to the benefits of asset dataset synchronization, and their experiences implementing these activities. The webinar will be followed up with a Q&A session, in which attendees will be able to directly ask questions to the panelists. If you have any questions in advance, please send them to Dana Ossman at


  • Bill Dakin, Treasurer at the Municipality of Strathroy-Caradoc, ON
  • Bill Cox,  Audit and Assurance Partner at BDO, BC
  • Matt Dawe, Vice President of PSD, ON