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Strategies and Solutions to Enhance Citizen Engagement for Asset Management



Session Time: September 4th,  2019 at 9am - 10am EST.

As governments work towards implementing innovative practices for managing their infrastructure, they often struggle with communicating activities to citizens and gathering meaningful feedback needed to determine desired levels of service. This webinar will go into detail on different tools that can be used to promote citizen engagement in a government’s infrastructure program. It will discuss the benefits and best practices of engaging the community with infrastructure asset management activities.

We will hear from Scytl Canada, whose online surveys have assisted in providing a broader understanding of citizen concerns. Further, we will hear about what communities and other organizations are doing to ensure that citizen concerns are heard and promptly responded to, assisting with providing governments with an understanding of expected levels of service. 

Tony Haddad, former Chief Administrative Officer at the Town of Tecumseh will speak to the value of engaging citizens with asset management and the benefits for your municipality.

Stefanie Fisher, Research Analyst with PSD, will close the webinar with a presentation on the components of a levels of service framework to support your organization's asset management citizen engagement efforts.  

Tune in to learn about how your municipality can better engage citizens in their day-to-day asset management and work order activities, assisting with overall levels of service development.



  • Richard Catahan, General Manager at Scytl Canada
  • Tony Haddad, Senior Advisor at StrategyCorp Inc.
  • Stefanie Fisher, Research Analyst, PSD