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archived webinar

Planning and Designing Prosperous Communities: Private and Public Collaboration



Original Air Date | June 27th, 2018  1pm to 2pm ET

As smart city technologies continue to dominate urban planning approaches, coupled with the importance of mitigating the effects of climate change, municipalities are entering a new era of urban design. The design of towns and cities has huge consequences on the wellbeing of residents and the viability of its economy. Smart city technologies improve the way of life for citizens, enhancing service delivery and making towns and cities safer and more interconnected. The design of a city also attracts potential entrepreneurs opening up business, as well as tourists looking for a weekend getaway. Municipalities must be proactive in their design and planning efforts to ensure their community continues to be strong and prosperous. 

This webinar will focus on private-public partnership to reach a municipality's needs and wants, while utilizing the vision an urban design company provides. Likewise, the webinar will also discuss how municipalities must grapple with commercial development. Affordable housing has become a topic of particular concern to citizens - what some call a crisis - and recognizing how municipalities can negotiate and control the conversation with developers will have huge impacts on the wellbeing of their residents.


  • Sean Galloway, Planning Manager, City of North Vancouver
  • Leigh McGrath, Senior Associate, Urban Strategies Inc.
  • Dayna Edwards, Senior Planner, City of Kitchener