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archived webinar

Preparing the Next Generation: New Approaches in Succession Planning for the Public Sector


With rapidly changing workforce dynamics and a high percentage of senior managers approaching retirement, public sector organizations will soon face a crisis in leadership if succession planning fails. Traditional approaches to succession planning, like career development and mentorship programs, may not cut it in a competitive market where the public sector no longer offers the same job security and retirement benefits that once attracted talent from the private sector. This PSD Webinar will explore new approaches in succession planning as tested by leading public sector organizations from across North America.

Utilizing innovative technology, collaborative cross-sectoral partnerships and unconventional management techniques, our expert panelists will share what has worked and not worked in implementing new succession planning strategies in their respective organizations.  

Included in the webinar package - Full recording of the webinar, panelists contact information and slide presentations.

Original Air Date March 29th 1pm-2pm ET






  CAO's/City Managers

  Department Heads

  Human Resources

  Corporate Services