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Municipal Cybersecurity: Guarding Infrastructure and Citizens in Your Community

Cyberterrorism has become the latest vehicle for disrupting and attacking another state. Just last month, the Democratic National Convention’s funding group was reportedly hacked by Russian operatives. Although these threats have traditionally targeted national and international entities, municipalities are at risk of becoming the new ‘entry point’ for cyberterrorism.

As municipal utilities and services such as hydro and wastewater become more automated, they become more vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks. In Rye, New York, the tiny Bowman Avenue Dam was reportedly breached by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corp earlier this year. The dam itself is only 20 feet high, but was targeted because of its computer-guided controls. 
In this open PSD webinar, our expert panel will discuss how to protect your municipality from a cybersecurity breach, the proper protocols to follow in the event of an attack, guarding SCADA systems, as well as the policy challenges and preparation municipalities must take into consideration. Sign up today to learn more
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  • Niyo Little Thunder Pearson, Sr. - Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Tayo Inc.
  • Micah Clark - Senior Research Associate, National Security and Public Safety, The Conference Board of Canada
  • Graham Nasby - Water SCADA & Security Specialist, City of Guelph, ON
  • Ben Howard - SCADA Coordinator, Engineering Services  Division, Haldimand County, ON 

Who Should Participate?

• IT managers
• City managers/CAOs
• City councilors
• Public works/engineering


• August 25th, 1:00pm EST



Registrants will receive a copy of the presentation slides, a full video recording of the webinar, and the following supplementary research materials to assist you with cybersecurity implementation:
• The State of Cybersecurity: A Dialogue with Cheri McGuire, VP of Global Government Affairs and Cyber Security Policy, Symantec - PSD RESEARCH

• Risk Revisited: From Compliance to Resilience in Government Services - NICHOLAS MARTYN, RISKLOGIK