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archived webinar

Effective Program Service Reviews for Municipal Government

Original Air Date - June 28, 2017
Local governments implement a wide variety of services to serve their residents. From water treatment, to road repairs, to emergency response, municipal governments are responsible for providing and managing these provisions. Due to the number of services municipalities provide, and their limited fiscal capacity, the management of local government programs and services can become onerous and overwhelming. A cursory approach to this type of management can lead to both the under-funding and over-funding of services. Consequently, certain levels of service will not reach their desired functionality, and money may be spent on services that are deemed to be less necessary for the public.
This PSD webinar aims to address some of these inconsistencies by presenting best practices and innovative ideas in program service reviews. Part of effectively managing services each year is to take stock of the services that are in place and review their efficacy and value. Please tune in to learn how your organization can better manage services through effective program review best practices and strategies.


  • Adam Found, Manager of Corporate Assets - City of Kawartha Lakes
  • Dan Gieruszak, Deputy Mayor - Town of Brockton
  • Bruce Peever, Director - KPMG Cities Public Sector Practice



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