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archived webinar

Editorial Round Table - Leadership & Change Management


July 5th, 2018  1pm - 2pm


Public Sector Digest launched its first ever Editorial Round Table Series following the publication of the Q1 Issue: Asset Management from Coast to Coast. Following the publication of each quarterly print issue of the Digest, an Editorial Round Table is held with featured editorial contributors from the issue. Our authors will provide a synopsis of their innovative case study, solution, or concept presented in their article, as well as discuss any new developments since the issue was published. The Editorial Round Table will then open to the audience, with webinar attendees having the opportunity to directly ask our panelists questions. 

After each new issue of the Digest is launched, we receive countless inquiries from our members asking for resources referenced in articles or posing questions related concepts presented by our authors. We hope that through the Editorial Round Table Series, readers will have the opportunity to be more interactive with the content and with our contributors. After all, many of us have the same goal: to build strong, resilient, and prosperous communities. To achieve that, we must engage and learn from each other. 

Our second Editorial Round Table with be discussing the Leadership and Change issue. In this issue, contributors spoke of how their municipalities are adapting and transitioning into new styles of leadership as the workforce continues to change. 



Catalina Blumenberg, Deputy Clerk, Township of Uxbridge   Article -  "Advice from a 'New' Municipal Leader: How to Make Every Moment Count in the Changing Municipal Workplace."

Trina Casey-Myatt, Metro Market Manager , OFFICE TEAM  Article - "The Evolving (and Increasingly Crucial) Role of Administrative Professionals"





  Public Works/Engineering  


  Asset Managers and Urban Planners