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archived webinar

Developing a Lifecycle Activity Management Strategy

Original Air Date: September 6th, 2017 1pm-2pm ET
The condition and performance of your assets can be affected by a wide range of factors including an asset’s characteristics, rate of utilization, location and exposure to the environment. In order to manage the deterioration of your organization’s assets it is critical to develop strategies and protocols that determine the best time to conduct field intervention activities. To put it simply, it’s about doing the right thing to the right asset at the right time. 
This PSD Webinar will explore best practices in lifecycle activity management that will enable your organization to achieve the best overall asset condition and performance at the lowest total cost of ownership.  Our panelists will discuss practices and strategies that will help maximize the lifecycle and value of your assets, support long-term maintenance planning, and efficiently meet the needs of your customers.
  • Gordon Duff  - Treasurer and Deputy CAO, Town of Minto
  • Daryush Esmaili - Manager of Corporate Asset Management, City of Guelph
  • Mike Thomas - Director of Engineering, City of Revelstoke
  • Chris Vanderheyden - Asset Management Specialist - PSD