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archived webinar

Developing an Asset Management Policy for your Community

Original Air Date: November 29th, 2017
Asset management planning is a laborious undertaking which can lead to tremendous benefits for communities once implemented, however the road to developing an asset management plan (AMP) is fraught with conflicting demands and priorities from various departments. 

It is important to implement an asset management policy in the early stages of developing your AMP as these policies help align your organization’s strategic objectives with asset management strategies/objectives. It creates a streamlined process which reduces uncertainties and enables corporate goals/objectives to be met while clearly establishing asset management roles and responsibilities as endorsed by council. 

This PSD webinar will examine the difficulties municipalities have faced while developing their AMPs and how an asset management policy helped overcome or avoid them. Our panelists will discuss how their communities were able to establish and implement an asset management policy.
  • Daryush Esmaili, Manager of Corporate Asset Management, City of Guelph, ON
  • Patrick Kelly, Director of Finance, Township of Wilmot, ON
  • Matthew Smith, Asset Management Research Analyst, Public Sector Digest