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archived webinar

Developing an Asset Management Communications Strategy for your Municipality

Your team understands asset management, but how can you communicate your strategy and objectives to other departments, to council and to the general public? 
Download this PSD webinar to learn how leading municipalities are developing asset management communications tools and strategies. 
  • John Murray, GM of Asset Management with PSD and President of the Canadian Network of Asset Managers (CNAM) discusses his work developing one of the first Infrastructure Report Cards at the City of Hamilton - an important communications tool for asset managers. John will also discuss how municipalities across Canada are currently using communications tools to draw the connection for council between capital funding decisions and levels of service    
  • Kristy Brown, Asset Manager for the City of Prince George, presents her municipality's asset management communications strategy as part of Prince George's holistic asset management program
  • Clae Hack, Director of Finance for the City of Saskatoon, discusses the communications component within their Corporate Asset Management Plan, and their overall experience in communicating their asset management priorities    
  • A Q&A session provides attendees with the opportunity to ask direct questions of our expert panelists


February 22nd 1-2pm ET



Communicating the replacement value of municipal assets per household is an effective asset management communications strategy