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archived webinar

Defining Levels of Service for Improved Asset Management Outcomes


Original Air Date - May 25th, 2017 ET

Each local government must decide how to prioritize its many goals and strategic initiatives based on the expressed interests of the public and the agenda of its current political representatives. When it comes to asset management, however, determining priorities and defining levels of service is a highly complex task. Without a standardized list of metrics, municipalities struggle to measure the state of their infrastructure and the work and expense required to raise the infrastructure to a desired service level. Conversely, when municipalities are provided with too strict of guidelines or parameters to define asset service levels it restricts the ability of each community to craft an asset management program that works best for its unique circumstances - some metrics in a predetermined list may not apply in all jurisdictions or cases.  

This PSD Webinar explored best practices in defining levels of service as developed by municipalities with mature asset management programs. As provincial and state governments across North America continue to introduce new asset management requirements, local governments will need to have a process in place for defining levels of service that is supported by both staff and political representatives. Having clearly defined service levels facilitates the communication of the costs of maintaining or altering services with council and the public. Expert panelists will describe how clear metrics were selected and implemented in their respective organizations to better define and track levels of service for improved asset management outcomes.  


  • Leanne Brannigan, Asset Manager Advisor - Region of Peel
  • Christina Benty, Principal Consultant - Christina Benty Strategic Leadership Solutions and former Mayor of Golden BC
  • Ed Archer, Chief Administrative Officer - City of Greater Sudbury
  • Bernadette O'Connor, Senior Asset Management Consultant - Opus International Consultants





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