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Challenges and Opportunities for the Modern GIS Program: Insights from North American Leaders



Next Date | May 12th, 2020 - 1pm - 2pm ET

Effective Geographic Information System (GIS) program development requires significantly greater organizational involvement now than ever before. GIS systems have become engrained as a key pillar for public sector organizations to efficiently and effectively deliver all levels of service. No longer are GIS departments responsible for simply map making initiatives, and instead are a primary resource for all business units.

With the ever-increasing importance of the GIS program within government organizations, the need for continuous enhancements to the program (both technically and organizationally) are essential to the viability of GIS service delivery.

While no two public sector organizations are exactly alike, initiatives to improve GIS program development and delivery can be made transferable to other similar organizations, or scalable to meet the needs of different sized organizations.

The Geospatial Maturity Index (GMI) seeks to capture some of these best practices and provide important insights to participating organizations to help ensure alignment of activities to other organizations across North America.

This webinar will feature a panel of three of the most improved or best organizations of specific size and type from the second year of the GMI survey to allow for an enhanced understanding of their organizational activities to achieve an improved GIS program. These geospatial leaders will provide insight regarding their challenges in implementing and developing a GIS program; the lessons learned throughout their program development; and their strategies moving forward to improve overall GIS service delivery and program enhancement.  



Joel Meier -  GIS Specialist | Grey County, ON

Greg Babinski - GIS Marketing & Business Development Manager | King County, WA

Monica Beaton - GeoInfomatics Specialist | Municipality of the County of Kings, NS