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archived webinar

Building Skills for Leadership in Municipal Government



Original Air Date: August 30th1pm-2pm ET

One of the biggest challenges facing municipalities is ensuring that public sector practitioners have the qualities and skills required for an evolving workplace. With the rise of new technology and alternative public service delivery options, the municipal sector workplace is significantly changing. Municipal practitioners must acquire new skills to excel and adapt with these evolving trends. Recognizing and teaching these new skills to young public sector professionals is imperative to the future leadership of municipalities.

This webinar will provide insight into new skills surrounding municipal government. Both public sector practitioners and talent recruiters across Canada will share past experiences and best practices for working, recruiting, and hiring in the public sector.

The webinar will conclude with a Q&A period.



  • Emerson Csorba, Public Policy Forum Fellow
  • Ashton Romany, Manager of Accounting, Township of Wilmot
  • Catalina Blumenberg, Deputy Clerk, Township of Uxbridge
  • Danielle Myles, Manager of Economic Development, City of Terrace





  CAOs and aspiring municipal leaders

  Department Heads

   Mayors and City Councillors 

  HR Professionals