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archived webinar

Asset Management Communications Training for Canadian Municipalities



Original Air Date October 12th, 2017  1-2pm


City managers, engineers, and finance officers are those directly involved in their municipality's asset management strategy. Other departments and stakeholders within and surrounding the municipality may be less familiar with the process, but it is nevertheless crucial to communicate how the asset management strategy will inform decisions regarding the capital budget and ongoing public works activities. With the federally-mandated deadline for asset management plans fast approaching, municipalities across Canada will soon be looking for strategies to communicate the analysis, recommendations and implications of their asset management plan.

Together with six municipalities, PSD formed a discussion group of asset management communications leaders to determine how best to communicate asset management to all relevant stakeholders. Asset managers from large and small municipalities across Canada were active and contributing members to the group. They included asset managers from the City of Prince George, City of Saskatoon, Municipality of Strathroy-Caradoc, Village of Salmo, Town of Lincoln, and the City of Guelph. Taking lessons drawn from the working group over the course of several months, PSD has developed both an actionable asset management communications template, as well as newly-launched asset management communications training services. Join us today to learn more about the development of this successful initiative and our new communications service offerings.




  • Bill Dakin, Director of Financal Services - Strathroy-Caradoc
  • Clae Hack, Director of Finance - Saskatoon
  • Aleks Dzintars, Research Analyst - Public Sector Digest





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