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In 2017, the Public Sector Digest (PSD) and the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators (CAMA) partnered to launch an essay writing competition on topics related to current municipal challenges.

In 2019, resiliency is top of mind for local governments across Canada. In fact, the theme for the 2019 CAMA Conference is Resiliency: Leading In Today’s Complex Environment. As such, the topic for this year’s essay competition will focus on issues related to infrastructure resiliency, fiscal resiliency, or climate change resiliency. Canadian graduate students are invited to submit an essay exploring solutions and best practices for strengthening local government resiliency, from infrastructure asset management to climate change adaptation. 

The winning paper will be published in the May issue of the Public Sector Digest. The author of the winning paper will also be invited to attend CAMA’s annual conference, taking place in May 2019 in Quebec City.



Authors must be enrolled in a Canadian university graduate-level program in at least one academic term during the 2018-19 academic year, on either a full or part-time basis.



  • The paper must be submitted in word format for revision purposes
  • The paper must be sole-authored (not group authored)
  • The paper cannot have been previously published elsewhere, or be under consideration for publication currently
  • The paper must be between 1000 and 2000 words in length
  • Submission deadline: April 19th, 2019 5pm ET
  • Submit papers to info [at] publicsectordigest [dot] com indicating in the subject line “PSD-CAMA Essay Competition”
  • Submit with your paper, a short (2-3 line bio), the name of your academic program and post-secondary institution, and your contact information (phone number)



Authors must identify a challenge facing municipalities in Canada today related to infrastructure asset management, finance and budgeting, and/or climate change. The essay should propose an innovative solution or number of solutions to address that challenge and explore the benefits/draw-backs associated with implementing the proposed solution. Previous winners’ articles can be read here:

·         2017: Catalina Blumenberg, “Diversifying Municipal Revenue in Canada via a Federal Marijuana Tax Fund”

·         2018: Chris Smith, “Creating Ecosystems of Food Security: The Possibility of a Local Pilot Program”

If possible, all submissions should incorporate real-world examples of the solution in practice. The essay should also focus on applying and implementing an innovative solution or solutions, emphasizing the importance of innovation in municipal government.



Submissions will be assessed against the following criteria:

  • Originality (25%) - Does the author present an original approach to the challenge and/or solution in question?
  • Research (25%) - Has the author conducted sufficient research in support of the completion of his or her submission?
  • Clarity (25%) - Does the author present a clear challenge, a compelling solution to the challenge, and a thorough analysis of the solution?
  • Significance/relevance (25%) - Is the submission timely and relevant to municipal administrators in Canada today? Does the submission offer an innovation solution or set of solutions?



Following the deadline for submissions, papers will be reviewed by a committee of judges made up of PSD's editorial board and selected members of CAMA's board. Papers will be judged against the above assessment criteria. After the committee has read and scored each paper, the committee will discuss the top papers and determine the winner of the inaugural competition. PSD will publish the winning paper in the May issue of the Public Sector Digest and provide the author with a 1 year complimentary membership to the publication. CAMA will provide the author with a complimentary registration for its 2019 conference in Quebec City, attended by city managers from across Canada. Additionally, the winner will receive a $300.00 travel voucher to attend the CAMA conference.


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