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Conference Reviews

City councillors and municipal staff from across Ontario gathered at the Association of Municipalities Ontario (AMO) annual conference this August to elect a new board, swear in a new president, share best practices, and launch a new engagement exercise that will help determine the future of municipal governance in Ontario.
For a municipality to innovate, its administration and elected council must work together to engage the community, develop buy-in, and plan for the successful implementation of its proposed innovative solution to a local problem.
The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) convened its annual Sustainable Communities Conference (SCC) from February 10th to 11th in the City of Ottawa.
The Association of Municipalities Ontario (AMO) convened its annual conference from August 16th to 19th in the City of Niagara Falls.  With just a few months before Canada’s federal election, the theme of this year’s conference – “AMO: A Voice for You” – centred on the power of municipalities advocating together for what matters most to Ontario’s communities.