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Rate Studies & Financial Plans

Often, inconsistencies in data, methodology, and analysis across multiple reports and documents undermine their usefulness and application. Municipalities who partner with us to advance their asset management program—either through one of our CityWide® software modules, development of their AMPs, implementing our Asset Management Roadmap, or our other infrastructure advisory services—will see fluidity and seamless consistency across multiple reports and documents, making them more meaningful and enhancing the confidence decision makers have in the data and recommendations. Our water and wastewater rate studies and their accompanying financial plans are produced in full accordance with Ontario Regulation 453/07 and are a natural extension of our expertise in asset management. They assess the financial and economic feasibility of existing rate structures and propose new rates to reach infrastructure sustainability. Where possible, we evaluate the competitiveness of the rates against surrounding municipalities to identify any inefficiencies.

PSD has successfully developed over 150 asset management plans for major infrastructure classes, including water, wastewater, roads, bridges, and storm infrastructure for municipalities across Canada and the United States. More than one in five Canadians are directly impacted by our infrastructure technology, and we manage the largest municipal infrastructure data set in Canada.

Contact our team to learn more about our Water and Wastewater Rate Studies.