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Thank you for your interest in contributing insight and research to the Public Sector Digest. The primary audience of the Digest are decision-makers across all levels of government and their affiliated agencies. It also serves as a policy and management resource for general public sector staff and elected officials; market intelligence for the private sector; and, an academic resource for students and faculty in research universities. Our goal is to provide intelligent commentary that can be applied in the real world.
Articles are generally 1500 words in length. Editorials and essays can be as short as 500 words. Given the variance in professional and academic backgrounds of our readers, technical terminologies and concepts should be thoroughly explained. We won’t bore you with a plethora of grammar rules. Below is what matters to us. We will assess your submission against each of the criteria and work with you to improve as necessary, if possible.


The Good

  • original content
  • analytical approach, discussing 'how' and 'why'
  • formal, authoritative language
  • creative ideas and sharp insight
  • relevant and timely evidence

The Bad

  • press release approach, discussing only ‘what’ and ‘when’
  • ambiguity and hesitation (Be bold.)
  • cliches: 'incentivize', 'optimize', 'synergize'
  • first person narrative or conversational language

The Ugly

  • previously published content
  • advertorial content


Editorial Process

  • Following a preliminary discussion, PSD and the authors will agree on a topic. We generally leave the specifics to the authors.
  • Authors then submit a short abstract outlining their thesis and a general structure for the article.
  • We'll communicate our feedback on the abstract to the authors and establish a date for the first draft of the article.
  • Once we receive the first draft, we'll make the necessary mechanical and substantive changes. If the article requires significant rework or clarifications, authors will be informed, and a date for the second draft will be established.
  • If only minor changes are required, we'll retain the article for publishing. Authors will be informed of the publishing date.
  • Once published, we'll forward a PDF copy of the article to the authors. 
  • Authors may distribute the article at their discretion, in its unaltered state, with reference to PSD, 30 days after the publishing date. PSD holds all copyrights on the finished product, but not your ideas.


Please forward a high resolution portrait and a short biography (~60 words) along with your first draft. Any graphics, tables, and charts, should also be forwarded in their original format or the highest resolution available.

Contact our Research Team to discuss your editorial contribution.