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PSD moderates panel on Advancing Municipal Open Data Initiatives

PSD moderates panel on Advancing Municipal Open Data Initiatives

On November 8th, PSD's Editor and Research Lead moderated a panel discussion on "Advancing Municipal Open Data Initiatives in Canada" at the Intelligent Cities Summit: IoT, Big Data for Municipalities, hosted in Toronto. Local governments across Canada are forging ahead with new and expanded open data initiatives, driven not by regulation, but by a commitment to increased transparency, economic development potential, and the opportunity to enhance the delivery of government services. With limited (or non-existent) open data budgets, municipalities are forming new partnerships and uncovering existing in-house talents and resources in order to build their open data capacity. This panel session featured open data practitioners from leading organizations, transforming the way local government gathers data, publishes open data and measures the impact of initiatives. 


Moderator: Tyler Sutton, Editor, Public Sector Digest 

Connie McCutcheon, IT Open Data Project Lead, Niagara Region
Kristina Verner, Director - Intelligent Communities, Waterfront Toronto
Paul Martin, CEO, APX

"Big data is powerful, open data is empowering." 

                                                                                                  - Tyler Sutton, Editor, Public Sector Digest


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