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PSD builds asset management expertise with IAM Certification

PSD builds asset management expertise with IAM Certification

In order to further develop PSD’s asset management expertise and capacity, ten of its senior staff members completed Institute of Asset Management (IAM) certified training. PSD’s cohort was the largest private sector group to complete this particular training to date. The three day intensive training course covered the five modules included in the IAM’s “Principles of Asset Management” exam:

Module 1 – The Principles of Asset Management
Module 2 – Asset Management Policy, Strategy and Planning
Module 3 – Managing Asset Life Cycle Decisions and Activities
Module 4 – Assessing and Managing Asset Management Risks
Module 5 – The Financial and Business Impact of Asset Management




Following the completion of training, PSD’s team members wrote the two hour exam covering the fundamentals of asset management, earning them the IAM Certification. This designation is becoming a global industry standard, signifying advanced competency in asset management and a strong understanding of the international asset management standard ISO 55001.

The IAM, as the body that awards the designation, is a professional body for those involved in acquisition, operation and care of physical assets – especially critical infrastructure. The IAM is based in the UK.

PSD, as an industry leader in the development and implementation of municipal asset management tools and services, will apply the knowledge and best practices gathered through the IAM Certification process to continue providing best-in-class service to the municipal market.

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