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PSD Announces 2017 Editorial & Webinar Schedule

PSD Announces 2017 Editorial & Webinar Schedule


PSD is thrilled to announce its editorial and webinar schedule for 2017. Our monthly digital and quarterly print issues provide in-depth analysis of leading best practices in public sector management, while our monthly webinar series offers supplementary insights into public sector challenges and solutions presented live by experts from around the world.

After a year of global political turbulence and uncertainty, PSD's editorial and webinar line-up provides best practices, case studies and resources to guide your organization toward greater fiscal, human and environmental resiliency and sustainability in 2017. From the latest research on effective local economic development strategies to proven case studies in municipal asset management, our resources will help your organization make more strategic long-term decisions in the year ahead.  
All Digest members receive full access to PSD's research archives, Regular Members receive all webinars at a significantly reduced cost and Premium Digest members have free access to all upcoming and archived PSD Webinars throughout the year. Sign up for membership here
If your organization has an innovative approach to any of the challenges covered by our webinars or Digest issues, please contact us to learn how you can be featured.
We look forward to continue providing Intelligence for the Public Sector in 2017. 



Q1 March - The Next Generation of Leadership

Q2 June - Modernizing Government Rules & Regulations

Q3 September - Tax & Spend

Q4 December - Green & Prospering Communities




*NOTE* All webinars that have been completed are still available to view in our "past webinars" section.


Find our full list of archived and upcoming webinars here

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