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PSD and CWN launch water infrastructure asset management survey

PSD and CWN launch water infrastructure asset management survey

The Public Sector Digest (PSD) and the Canadian Water Network (CWN) have partnered to launch a new research project with the goal of assessing how asset management data is used by Canadian municipalities to inform long-term infrastructure planning with respect to water, wastewater, and stormwater. This project specifically aims to identify what data is collected and how key metrics are used for decision-making related to:

(i) Maintenance/Repair/Replacements;
(ii) Investments; and,
(iii) Strategic Planning.
The end-result is to provide municipalities with key insights on how to strategically maximize the use of the asset management data in their decision-making processes. 

By completing the following survey, you are contributing directly to this national initiative (the survey can be found here). Data aggregation of the survey responses will be conducted to establish the current state of water, wastewater and stormwater asset data across Canadian municipalities; and how municipalities use the collected data. Contact information provided will not be shared or published in any format. This information will only be used to code the data by region, municipality size etc., and to allow for any necessary follow-up with our survey participants.

The survey consists of 23 questions and it is estimated that participants will need 20-30 minutes to complete it. Respondents are free to complete the survey in parts, as your answers will be automatically saved from your last entry.   
The deadline to complete the survey is April 28, 2017 5pm ET
Please contact us at info [at] publicsectordigest [dot] com or 519.690.2565 if you have any questions or concerns regarding the completion of this survey.