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CityWide Solutions

Capital Planning & Analysis (CPA)

CityWide Capital Planning & Analysis (CityWide CPA) is a web-based, financial modeling application for asset management and lifecycle costing. The application enables public sector organizations to capture data from their Tangible Capital Asset inventory, analyze and consolidate it, then develop unlimited scenarios in real-time, generating a series of options and long-term recommendations.



Scenario Comparison

Use our scenario comparison tool to compare different tax and user rate increases to see how it affects your long-term plan. You can demonstrate the effect of current decisions on long-term project funding.

Generate long-term capital replacement and rehabilitation plans

You can prioritize projects based on condition, risk, funding and location. Make informed decisions using real time data to better allocate where to spend available money, and what projects can be pushed back to future years.

Built-in GIS viewer

You can automatically view all your assets located in Citywide Tangible Assets in Citywide CPA. This allows you to group projects based on location and allows you to allocate funding to regions with the most need.

Automatic allocations

The system tracks all tax revenue, funding sources, reserves and debt in one place. Budget and funding allocations can be calculated based on deficiency and recalculated whenever needed based on new funding or requirements.


You can generate default and custom graphs and reports throughout the application. This allows you to display trends and summarize critical data for presentations. 

Additional features:

  • Reserve Planning (Opening and closing balances, Contributions, Allocations, and Interest Earned)
  • Track Revenue Sources (i.e. Federal Gas Tax, Development Charges, User Fees)
  • Prioritize projects based on condition, risk, and funding


Contact our Asset management team to learn more.