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Municipal Resource Centre

Welcome to the Municipal Resource Centre (MRC)

Staying up to date on the latest legislative and policy changes for each department of municipal government is a significant challenge for most municipal managers. PSD’s Municipal Resource Centre (MRC) addresses this challenge, providing local governments with a fully searchable, up-to-date repository for municipal policies, plans, templates, and legislative requirements. Simply search resources by province/territory/state and municipal department to find the exact resources that apply to your jurisdiction. If you can’t find the resource you’re looking for, contact our research team and we’ll add it to the MRC within five business days.

Resource categories:

  • Data & Technology
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Infrastructure & Asset Management
  • Planning & Development
  • Politics & Policy
  • Economics & Finance
  • Community Services

The MRC is an exclusive resource for our Premium Digest Members. In addition to unlimited access to research content, archived webinars and upcoming webinars, Premium Members have enterprise-wide access to the MRC, allowing all departments to utilize its resources.

Please contact us to find out if your municipality is a Premium Member.