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Municipal Grant Inventory Service (MGIS)


MUNICIPAL grant inventory service (MGIS)


ON MGIS                BC MGIS                NWT MGIS             FED MGIS


The MGIS assists Canadian municipalities with their grant application search, helping them stay on top of grant opportunities and pressing deadlines.

The service includes:

  • Weekly customized emails notifying communities of newly available grants
  • Enterprise-wide access to the web-based Municipal Grant Inventory
  • Access to timely PSD briefings and webinar recordings
  • Discounted rates on PSD's grant application services



Contact our research team if your municipality is interested in signing up for the Municipal Grant Inventory Service or click on the applicable link below to download a brief informational webinar and hear how our team of policy experts can enhance the capacity of your community to acquire additional funding.

Municipal Grant Inventory Service for ON Communities

municipal grant inventory service for BC communities