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Municipal Government Act Being Developed in Prince Edward Island

Municipal Government Act Being Developed in Prince Edward Island

A Municipal Government Act is currently in development. The Municipal Affairs and Provincial Planning division is leading the consultation on this new legislation.

The proposed Municipal Government Act is in draft form and subject to change. The Municipal Affairs and Provincial Planning Division prepared this site for general information purposes. This information should not be relied upon as a substitute for specialized legal or professional advice.


The current Municipalities Act came into force in 1983 and is based on legislation first drafted in the 1940s. Since the 1980s, the legislation has undergone several major reviews and has been amended on a number of occassions.

Why is change needed?

Today's municipalities require modern legislation that is consistent with the principles of democracy, good governance and service.

What is changing?

The new Municipal Government Act raises the standardss regarding good governance, financial accountability, administration and service delivery while providing municipalities with greater authority, flexibility and discretion.

Key areas of change for municipal governments by topic include the following:

Municipal Structures and Services


Council Composition and Conduct


Finance and Funding

Bylaw Jurisdiction

Powers of the Minister

  • Audit, Inspection and Inquiry

How can I get involved?

Residents and municipal councils can provide input to the proposed legislation as follows:

  1. Send a written submission by mail or e-mail or provide feedback online;
  2. Municipal councils will be contacted directely regarding the schedule of in-person consultations for councils and municipal staff taking place in September.

Comments and written feedback may be published anonymously on the government website. 

What is the deadline for feedback?

October 7, 2016

Reporting to PEI municipalities and Islanders

The new Municipal Government Act is expected to be introduced in the Legislative Assembly of PEI this fall.


Do you have questions about the new Municipal Government Act?

Phone: 902-368-5582

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