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Infrastructure Database of Canada


The Infrastructure Database of Canada (IDC) contains detailed information about the state of tangible capital assets across Canada’s municipalities and the average cost of infrastructure. Member communities are able to compare costs for specific infrastructure asset categories and sub-categories, asset life cycles, and funding requirements. Through the use of the IDC, senior management is able to conduct a comparative analysis to rank their community’s performance among their peers, discover best practices and efficiencies achieved by leading communities, and network directly with those municipalities that are demonstrating the best results.

The IDC provides key statistical outputs in a visually dynamic dashboard that decision-makers can use to adjust and regulate their infrastructure spending over the long term. In addition, senior government grants and programs, including the Federal Gas Tax fund, have become more inextricably tied to strategic investments in infrastructure. The IDC expedites future gas tax reporting by providing municipalities with a report-generating tool that captures the key performance indicators of their asset management program.


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