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FCM Releases Annual Municipal Asset Management Program Report

FCM Releases Annual Municipal Asset Management Program Report

The Municipal Asset Management Program (MAMP) annual progress report for 2017–2018 highlights the program's achievements. From helping more communities adopt asset management practices, to creating a strong network of municipalities, sector experts and partner organizations across the country, MAMP is well on track to deliver on its five-year objectives. 

In MAMP's second year, the program:

  • Approved over $9.2 million in direct funding to support 227 local government projects
  • Provided over $3.4 million in grants to 23 partner organizations across Canada to deliver capacity-building training activities
  • Reached more than 3,200 municipal staff and elected officials through partner-led asset management training
  • Hosted over 60 knowledge-sharing and collaboration activities that connected sector organizations, municipalities, provincial and territorial governments, and federal departments working on asset management
  • Demand for MAMP funding has resulted in a larger-than-expected portfolio of projects, with 227 projects approved and 147 (65 percent) contracted as of March 2018.

Looking Forward 

MAMP’s success during its first year of implementation, and the popularity of its programs and funding across Canada, reflect the relevance and timeliness of asset management in the municipal sector. Canadian municipalities are embracing the opportunity to update and formalize their asset management practices. The success of the program wouldn’t be possible without the engagement and participation of municipalities, sector players and partner organizations across the country. As the program enters its third year, MAMP’s partner-driven programs, knowledge resources and funding opportunities will continue to seed and strengthen more sustainable asset management in a growing number of Canadian municipalities of all sizes, enabling a stronger, more resilient local infrastructure.
The full report can be found here