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FCM Municipal Grant Funding Recipients Announced

FCM Municipal Grant Funding Recipients Announced


Asset management planning and climate change adaptation are two top priorities for municipalities across Canada. Despite the prioritization of these strategic initiatives, local governments have limited resources to commit to proper asset management and climate change adaptation planning. For Canada's smallest communities, just a few staff members are responsible for all service delivery and planning, leaving little room to take on new initiatives. Enter the Federation of Canadian Municipalities' newly launched grant funding programs, designed to build asset management and climate change adaptation support for communities of all sizes across the country.   

FCM’s Municipal Asset Management Program is a five-year, $50-million program designed to help Canadian municipalities make informed infrastructure investment decisions based on sound asset management practices. Up to 80 percent of total eligible projects can be funded by FCM to a maximum of $50,000. Municipalities can apply for funding for eligible activities such as:
  • Assessing the physical condition of assets
  • Documenting the long-term maintenance of lifecycle costs
  • Implementing policies to integrate asset management practices into daily routines
  • Purchasing asset management software solutions 
  • Training elected officials and staff on asset management 
FCM's Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program (MCIP) is a 5-year, $75 million program to assist municipalities in preparing for and responding to climate change, and to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Through the MCIP, municipalities across Canada can access workshops, training programs, and resources to build their capacity to respond to climate change, as well as access grant funding to develop plans and studies to reduce GHG emissions and fund municipal projects, such as the purchase of hybrid vehicles and solar thermal water heater programs for homes or institutional buildings.



October 31st OR November 23rd 




After both grant programs launched earlier this year, PSD has been working with municipalities across the country to complete applications and take advantage of this opportunity to start building capacity in asset management and climate change adaptation planning. For many local governments, keeping up with the numerous provincial and federal grant application deadlines and requirements is a daunting task. PSD has helped municipal staff better understand FCM's application assessment criteria, as well as identify the best activities to put forward for funding in order to have the greatest impact on the municipality's asset management and climate change adaptation competencies. 
On October 19th, FCM announced the first batch of recipients of FCM MAMP and MCIP funding. To date, 103 initiatives have been approved for funding in 97 communities. The total funding amount awarded across both programs is over $6.8 million. From an Asset Management Roadmap in Huron-Kinloss Ontario to a GHG Reduction Feasibility Study for Shellbrook, Saskatchewan's recreation centre, communities across Canada now have additional support to strengthen long-term planning for greater outcomes. As outlined in the infographic below, more MAMP grants have been awarded than MCIP grants, with 75 MAMP projects approved to date, compared to 28 MCIP projects. The average grant amount awarded for MAMP is $41,095 compared to $132,986 for MCIP. Broken down by province, Ontario communities have secured the most funding thus far, securing $1,414,480 in MCIP funding and $1,113,349 in MAMP funding. The province whose municipalities have secured the second most MCIP grant funding is British Columbia ($1,015,400), while New Brunswick communities have secured the second most MAMP funding to date ($540,042). The Ontario government has introduced the most aggressive targets for municipal asset management capacity building, with several infrastructure funding programs requiring the submission of a robust Asset Management Plan (AMP), as well as an impending provincial regulation (Bill 6) that will make municipal asset management planning a legal requirement in Ontario. In New Brunswick, the Federal Gas Tax funding agreement will require all municipalities to have an AMP in place by July 31st 2018. With these requirements in place, it is no surprise that Ontario and New Brunswick communities are taking advantage of MAMP funding. All other provinces will soon have AMP deadlines associated with Federal Gas Tax fund agreements, at which time we'll likely see a similar uptick in MAMP grant funding allocation in those respective jurisdictions. 



PSD conducted an analysis of the 75 MAMP projects funding through FCM. As seen in the figure below, the largest proportion of MAMP funding will support the development of municipal AMPs - again, not surprising as several jurisdictions have AMP deadlines in place. The second largest proportion of MAMP funding is going toward general asset management capacity building projects, followed by funding for condition assessments. In order for a municipality to develop a sustainable asset management program, it must gain buy-in across departments - an Asset Management Roadmap can help. Conducting condition assessments on assets provides a municipality with more accurate data to inform its asset management planning and prioritization of public works projects. Some municipalities have accessed MAMP funding to support the purchase of GIS and asset management software in order to build a more sustainable asset management program, with asset data stored in one place, facilitating more frequent, efficient and accurate updates to municipal asset management plans and strategies. 


To date, PSD has helped secure 10% of all MAMP grants awarded to Canadian municipalities. As industry experts in asset management, combined with our experience in policy analysis and grant application completion, PSD is able to provide municipalities with strategic support in identifying projects for MAMP and MCIP funding and completing application requirements. We invite your municipality to contact us to discuss your funding needs. Learn more here about our grant application services.  


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