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Creating Open Data Policies

Creating Open Data Policies


The rise of digital technologies and Smart City projects in community planning have illuminated the importance of open data. In turn, some municipalities have adopted policies to govern their open data initiatives. To encourage more cities and towns to adopt open data policies of their own, the Sunlight Foundation provided a list of recommendations for developing one, summarized by SmartCitiesDive into three categories: what data should be public, how to make data public, and how to implement policy. 

To read the summaries:



The OCI serves to audit existing open data initiatives at municipalities and allows participating organizations to compare themselves against their peer groups and track their openness over time based on specific dataset classifications. 


The 2017 Open Cities Index survey has now launched with additional questions to further capture the maturity of municipal open data initiatives across Canada. Click here to see the full methodology for the 2017 OCI. Please contact us to discuss how your community can participate in the 2017 survey in-take. The 2017 survey will close September 8th and the 2017 results will be published October 2nd.