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Case Studies on Municipal Innovation

Case Studies on Municipal Innovation


Innovation is critical to the advancement of municipal governance. Innovation enhances public service delivery, creates smarter and more resilient cities, and better ensures the retention and recruitment of the brightest workforce. Through discussion and collaboration, communities have greater resources and capacity to creatively and efficiently approach various municipal issues more effectively. Below is a list of several innovative municipal initiatives. Each initiative will be presented at the PSD Municipal Innovation workshop on September 26th at the MIC Conference, Guelph. 


Brandon Currie, City of Waterloo. "How to Win Followers and Build Influence: Launching a Social Media Advocacy Program for your City Staff."

  • One of the core challenges facing governments who are looking to increase their social media presence is the difficultly of having meaningful interactions with citizens. As Brandon discusses in his case study, employees can use their own social media platforms to engage with residents through software such as Bambu to overcome this challenge.


John Ariyo, City of Hamilton. "City Building Through the Resettlement of Syrian Refugees."

  • Responsible for the settlement of Syrian refugees within the city, John's team had to integrate newcomers effectively. Translation services, child care, housing, and employment, among others, were referenced as being critical factors affecting settlement efforts. John reflected on the success of the initiative, referencing community participation and partnership, supportive community service agencies, and suitable leadership as being of utmost importance.


Jeff Loney, Town of Gravenhurst. "Relationships are the Key to Building Main Street Muskoka."

  • Needing to revive the character and history of the town, Gravenhurst undertook a major revitalization project to attract tourists and business-owners alike back to the once-bustling small Muskoka town. Engagement with local property owners, the knowledge of the town's economic development team, and collaboration with community organizations were the key lessons Jeff listed contributing to the success of the town's Downtown Revitalization program. 


Susan Stolarchuck, Deseronto Transit. "How to Secure Public Transit for your Small Town: The Case of Deseronto."

  • Susan discusses the challenges of providing affordable and sustainable public transportation in small communities. She reflects on her own small town of Deseronto, noting that support from elected officials and the transit committee, along with strong partnerships with residents, were critical to the success and implementation of its own transportation project. 


Julien Patel, Town of Newmarket. "Transitional Technology in Public Works: the 'Magic Pen'."

  • The 'Magic Pen' was Newmarket's innovative solution to modernize the Public Works Service and enhance its operations. In his article, Julien discusses the process through which the pen was integrated into the municipal sector and how its implementation has led to greater time efficiency (by 1200 percent!).



When: September 26th, 1-4pm ET
Where: Gryphon/Ken Denby Room, Delta Guelph
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