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Canada joins leading digital nations in D7

Canada joins leading digital nations in D7

The Government of Canada understands that digital government can serve to enable and empower people while improving service delivery to citizens. Canada is pleased, therefore, to sign the Digital 7 (D7) charter, joining leading digital nations in a mission to harness digital technology to the benefit of citizens.

The D7 charter commits Canada to working towards core principles of digital development, with a focus on user needs, open government, and a commitment to share and learn from D7 member nations.

Digital 7 is comprised of nations who are recognized as having the most advanced digital governments globally. Previously referred to as the D5, the group has officially become the D7 with the addition of Canada and Uruguay. 

The D7 provides a forum for member nations to share best practices, identify how to improve service delivery to citizens, collaborate on common projects and support and champion their respective growing digital economies.

Quick Facts:

  • The Digital 7 is comprised of Estonia, Israel, South Korea, New Zealand, the UK, Canada and Uruguay
  • Canada signed the Digital 7 Charter on February 22nd during the D5 Ministerial Summit in Wellington, New Zealand. The charter was digitally signed from Canada by The Honourable Scott Brison, President of the Treasury Board. Parliamentary Secretary Joyce Murray attended the signing in New Zealand on Canada’s behalf. 
  • Membership in the Open Government Partnership, which Canada will co-chair in 2018-19, is one of the core criteria of the Digital 7 charter.