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Conference Review

CAMA & FCM Conference Review 2019

The Canadian governmental system is upheld by rigid institutions, yet is surrounded by a fluctuating environment. Local leaders in Canada are far too familiar with the battle of working within an inflexible system while maneuvering through the influx of social, environmental, and economic issues with which they are faced on a regular basis. The leaders of our communities must be resilient and capable of navigating a transitional climate. The theme at the 48th Annual CAMA Conference, Resiliency – Leading in Today’s Complex Environment, embodied the challenge of municipal administrators to thrive in an ever-changing environment. FCM’s Conference theme, “Building Better Lives,” echoed a similar ambition of building better and stronger communities. The conferences – hosted in the beautiful Québec City, Québec – were filled with hope and collegial support as delegates focused their conversations on stories of resiliency and guiding their peers in periods of transition and limited resources. The keynote speakers and session presenters dedicated their time to providing advice on how to be prepared for the future trends that communities will be facing. PSD was able to attend the conference and converse with municipal leaders from across the country. The insights and lessons learned from the 2019 CAMA and FCM Conferences were compiled in the following Review.

Read the full CAMA & FCM Conference Review here.

As part of the Conference Review, PSD interviewed CAMA conference delegates, exhibitors and staff, to speak to what is happening in their respective communities and to learn of new opportunities in the municipal world.