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Conference Review

CAMA & FCM Conference Review 2018

Canada is a big country, spanning three coast lines and home to over 35 million people. Canadians are proud of where they are from, especially from the community in which they live; where they raise their children, where they work, and where they choose to spend their pastime. Without question, communities shape people’s lives. It is for that reason that it is so important that towns and cities continue to strive and grow – so that Canadians can strive and grow as well. Political, economic, and social spheres are always changing, and municipalities must adapt and change with new trends in order to stay innovative, to attract new people and businesses, and to ensure that residents live healthy and prosperous lives. The CAMA and FCM conferences are the most beneficial conferences for administrative and political leaders across Canada to attend to learn from each other and from experts in fields such as succession planning, service delivery, climate change adaptation, and smart city technology, among many others. Public Sector Digest attended both conferences, gathering all of the insights and lessons learned and putting it all in one convenient place: CAMA & FCM Conference Review 2018.

Read the full CAMA & FCM Conference Review 2018 here

As part of the Conference Review, PSD's Editor-in-Chief, Tyler Sutton, completed a series of interviews with CAMA conference delegates, exhibitors and staff, to learn what's keeping Canada's City Managers up at night, and what opportunities lie ahead for their communities.