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On May 9th 2017, BC voters ushered back in the incumbent Liberal government under Christy Clark, albeit as a smaller minority government. The winning Liberals captured 43 votes, the popular vote, and the plurality of seats, while the NDP won 41 seats, and the Greens 3. As 44 votes were needed to form a majority government, Clark's win represents the first minority government in British Columbia since 1952. Having a plurality of seats is significant, meaning that the Liberals will be the first to be invited to form a government, and will likely seek to make a deal with the Greens.

Yet it is the Greens that hold the balance of power. If BC Green Party leader Andrew Weaver sides with the Liberals, a majority government of 46 votes will be formed. If, however, Weaver decides to support John Horgan and the NDP party, they will form the majority government, leaving the Liberals as the opposition. 

The final vote tally won't be known for two weeks as absentee ballots have yet to be accounted for. These ballots represent 9 percent of the total vote and could trigger a recount in certain ridings.