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Asset Management Training

PSD is a full-service firm offering research, consulting services and software to the North American public sector market. We are an industry leader that specializes in enterprise asset management and financial budgeting. Our expertise is drawn from a team consisting of former municipal executives, senior managers, and technical specialists with decades of hands-on experience in the fields of corporate services, public works, asset management, and finance.

Our firm is now offering specialized training for both asset management roadmap training as well as communications training.


Asset Management Roadmap

PSD's Asset Management Roadmap is an organization-wide process that consists of a multi-year phased approach delivered through consecutive workshops. Our consultants work alongside staff and department heads in finance, public works, and other members of the senior management team to develop a holistic asset managment progam. There are several steps involved in this process, which can be customized to each organization's specific needs.

  1. State of Maturity Report
  2. Asset Management Policy
  3. Condition Assessment Protocols & Data Capture Tools
  4. Risk and Criticality Models
  5. Lifecycle Activity Models
  6. Financial Strategies
  7. Level of Service Framework
  8. Asset Management Plan

When combined, each of these pieces fit together to produce a mature asset management program and comprehensive asset management plans for each asset class.

PSD's goal throughout the Roadmap process is to develop a strong knowledge foundation which supports and creates a culture of asset management. Additionally, our Roadmap process is designed to provide clients with the knowledge and tools that will enable them to achieve manageable and sustainable asset management programs.

Contact our team to learn more at info [at] publicsectordigest [dot] com



Asset Management Communications Training

A strong municipal asset management program requires the support and buy-in of multiple departments, senior management and city council. Furthermore, the broader community must be aware of the role asset management plays in supporting strategic long-term decisions regarding infrastructure investments. PSD is now assisting communities with asset management community engagement and internal communications efforts.

Together with our team of former municipal executives, municipalities will have the opportunity to build a coherent and informed engagement and communications strategy meant specifically for communicating asset management to relevant stakeholders. PSD will work with your municipality to develop and execute engagement exercises to determine the level of awareness of asset management among council, staff and the community. Following the engagement process, PSD will assist your municipality in designing and delivering tailored presentations, workshops and tools to help address identified gaps in asset management communications competencies










PSD Asset Management Communications Activities

  • Development and execution of asset management community engagement workshops
  • Development and execution of asset management council presentation and/or workshop
  • Assessment of asset management communications competencies with recommendations

Contact our team to learn how we can assist your municipality with your asset management communications efforts at info [at] publicsectordigest [dot] com