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Conference Review

AMO Annual Conference 2016

City councillors and municipal staff from across Ontario gathered at the Association of Municipalities Ontario (AMO) annual conference this August to elect a new board, swear in a new president, share best practices, and launch a new engagement exercise that will help determine the future of municipal governance in Ontario. The focus of this year's AMO conference was on "bridging the gap", with Ontario's municipalities facing a significant fiscal challenge ahead. As councillors reach the middle of their current term, AMO's message was clear that sound municipal planning requires looking well beyond the next two years. Local governments will need to plan for the long-term and make some difficult choices in order to balance budgets and maintain levels of service. The Ontario Government has made some great strides in providing municipalities with additional funding and resources to tackle ongoing policy and service delivery challenges, however, a significant funding gap still looms on the horizon. 

This PSD Conference Review covers the plenaries, concurrent sessions, and overarching insights of the 2016 AMO Conference. You will also find links to additional resources in order to help further define a challenge, identify solutions, and provide examples of proven best practices. 

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