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2018 OCI Virtual Round Table Series

The OCI Virtual Round Table Series brings together OCI members from across the country to discuss the latest insights report from the Open Cities Index survey, as well as open data best practices for municipal government. Each themed Round Table takes place one week after the release of another OCI insights report. As the municipal open data space continues to change, our virtual Round Tables provide OCI members with the opportunity to compare notes, troubleshoot challenges, and leverage the results of the Open Cities Index to support further development of open data programs. 

Contact us to learn how your municipality can join our OCI Virtual Round Table Series. 



1) Open Data Governance - January 30th 2018 1-2pm ET

  • Who should sit on your Open Data Committee? How often should your Committee meet?
  • What needs to be included in your Open Data Policy?
  • What needs to be included in your Open Data Strategic Plan?
  • What is required to adopt the International Open Data Charter?
  • What educational resources should your municipality provide internally and externally to build capacity and awareness in your open data program?
  • Susan Copeland, Project Manager, Open Data Team at City of Edmonton
  • Andy McGhie, Director, Geospatial Competency Centre at City of Toronto
  • Tracey P. Lauriault, Assistant Professor, Critical Media Studies and Big Data, Communication Studies at Carelton University


2) Performance Measurement & Open Data - April 24th 2018 1-2 pm ET

  • How to set, track and report on meaningful key performance indicators for your municipal open data program
  • What technology can be leveraged to collect data and interpret analytics related to your open data program?
  • How can municipalities track reductions in Freedom of Information requests as a result of enhancements to open data programs?



  • Debbie Verduga, Crime Analyst, Business Intelligence & Analytics Unit, Toronto Police Service
  • Jane Crofts, Founder of Data To The People & Data Literacy Evanglist, Melbourne, Australia
  • Wendy Carrara, Advisor, European Space Sector & Project Manager European Data Portal, Capgemini Consulting 


3) The Future of Municipal Open Data - July 17th 2018 1-2 pm ET 

  • What are leading municipalities doing to increase citizen participation/usage of municipal open data (e.g. crowdsourced citizen platforms)?
  • How are leading municipalities creating case studies and dynamic interfaces to increase engagement with their open data portals?
  • What does the future of open data look like in Canada, from federated datasets to new platforms, industry associations and enterprises?
  • How will municipalities strengthen their open data programs through collaboration?



  • Brian McPhail, Open Data Program Specialist, Data, Analytics and Visualization Services Branch, Corporate Services, York Region
  • Kevin Tuer, VP Strategic Initiatives, ODX


Launch of 2018 Open Cities Index Survey: August 1st 2018

Close of 2018 Open Cities Index Survey: September 17th 2018 5pm ET

Launch of 2018 Open Cities Index Results: October 1st 2018

2018 Open Cities Index Results Webinar: October 10th 2018 1-2 pm ET