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2017 PSD Western Canada Asset Management Working Group - B.C.
September 26, 2017

2017 PSD Western Canada Asset Management Working Group - B.C.





September 26th, 2017  - Burnaby B.C.

The 2017 Western Canada User Group will be held in Burnaby, BC on September 26th, 2017. Our working group this year will focus on key provincial and federal program and policy updates, workshops designed to facilitate hands on experience with the numerous enhancements to our technologies, working sessions, and presentation of results from the implementation of Asset Management Roadmaps.


As more communities migrate from basic asset management plans to long term asset management roadmaps, PSD through its research, analytics and advisory teams seeks to continuously improve the knowledge and value we provide to our clients. In order to further develop our asset management expertise and capacity, ten of its senior staff members completed the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) certified training. PSD’s cohort was the largest private sector group to complete this particular training to date. The three day intensive training course covered the five modules included in the IAM’s “Principles of Asset Management” exam.


Following the completion of training, PSD’s team members successfully passed the exam covering the fundamentals of asset management, earning them the IAM Certification. This designation is becoming a global industry standard, signifying advanced competency in asset management and a strong understanding of the international asset management standard ISO 55001.


One of our main objectives continues to be to work with municipalities to assist them with the optimization of their asset management programs. With greater emphasis and requirements now being placed upon asset management planning as a long term organization-wide practice we shall continue to support our clients in this area through our Research, Analytics and Advisory teams.


We look forward to working with you and representatives from your organizations once again this year, and facilitating the peer-to-peer knowledge exchange that has made our user groups so successful.

Matt Dawe - Vice President